The BST classroom is a laboratory (both physical & cyber) where a diverse group of learners comes together to critically address the increasingly more complex socio-cultural concerns of our day through biblical, ethical, and theological reflection toward the goal of creating a theo-praxis relevant to our time and location.

Dr. LeAnn Snow Flesher

Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament

GTU Core Doctoral Faculty

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is the basic professional degree program designed to prepare men and women for church ministry, chaplaincies, or other specialized ministries. The Program meets American Baptist ordination requirements, is recognized by numerous denominations, and provides appropriate preparatory background for further graduate study in theology and religion.

The M.Div. program seeks to integrate the disciplines of biblical studies, theology and ethics, and church history with the arts of ministry such as preaching, worship, pastoral care, education, evangelism, and administration. This is accomplished in large part through the interdisciplinary colloquia held in all three years of the program.

The core curriculum is based on a cohort driven model that complements both theoretical and practical instruction. As a contextually based program BST's MDiv prepares students to minister within a plurality of cultures as they address current critical issues that increasingly comprise modern society.

Students may take courses from BST faculty and at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) and at the University of California at Berkeley (CAL). Students also have access to eight emphases/certificate programs including: Women’s Studies in Religion, Black Church/Africana Studies, Asian/Oceanic Studies, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies, and Hindu Studies.

Core Requirements: 42 Units

Old Testament 3.0

Congregational Studies 3.0

History 3.0

Theology/Ethics 3.0

New Testament Gospels and Preaching 3.0

Contextual Placement 3.0

Pauline Letters and Arts of Ministry 3.0

Contextual Placement 3.0

Using Biblical Languages 3.0

Constructive Theology 3.0

Senior Project (year 3) 6.0

Church Leadership 3.0

Congregational Care 3.0

Specified Electives: 27 Units

Old Testament 3.0

New Testament 3.0

Theology 3.0

Ethics 3.0

Church History 3.0

Theological Writing 3.0

Practice of Ministry or

Functional Theology 6.0

Christian Education 3.0

Open Electives: 9 Units

Denominationally required course or

Open Elective 3.0

Open Elective 3.0

Open Elective 3.0

There is also a Korean-language MDiv: Up to 50% of a student’s coursework may be completed in Korean.

We are developing a Spanish-language MDiv.

All applicants must have a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution with at least a 2.5 GPA.

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