For me, Jesus’ ministry exemplified a radical gospel, not a Hallmark card–type ministry. I believe our mandate at BST is to train students to be prophetic and relevant as leaders who authentically are not afraid to serve the under-served and to speak truth to power.

Rev. Dr. Valerie Miles-Tribble

Assistant Professor Ministerial Leadership & Practical Theology

The Masters in Community Leadership (MCL) is a professional degree program designed to prepare men and women for church and community service in ordained and non-ordained capacities. The following three concentrations offer a breadth of theological training in addition to a particular specialization.


A two-year degree in worship and pastoral arts specifically designed for church musicians, ministers of music, worship leaders, and pastors involved in worship design and planning.

Social Ministries

A two-year degree in nonprofit development specifically designed for community leaders interested in creating and/or developing faith-based

organizations that address contemporary social concerns.

Spirituality and The Workplace

A two-year degree in theological studies designed to meet the needs of the working professional interested in developing holistic approaches to working with clients, colleagues, and/or faith groups.

The MCL program is designed for persons who have completed an accredited undergraduate bachelor of arts or science degree. At least two years of full-time course enrollment, for a total of 48 semester units, is required to complete the degree. The full-time course load is a minimum of 12 units per semester. Students may enroll on a part-time basis.

Core Requirements – 30 Units

These courses are taken by BST faculty except by written permission of the Academic Dean.

Old Testament 3.0

New Testament 3.0

Church History 3.0

Theology 3.0

Ethics 3.0

Internship 6.0

Constructive Theology 3.0

Leadership 3.0

Theological Writing 3.0

Required Electives – 9 Units

Required Elective courses may be taken from BST or GTU or UC Berkeley related faculty. Required electives must include a course in community leadership. These courses are determined by the concentration in which the student is enrolled, with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Open Electives – 9 Units

These courses are electives of the student’s choosing and may be taken from BST , GTU or UC Berkeley related faculty. Open electives allow students the flexibility to take classes that might not fall under the two categories listed above.

All applicants must have a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution with at least a 2.5 GPA.

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