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Hanna Kang


(510) 841-1905 ext. 234


Born in South Korea and raised in Argentina, I now call Berkeley my home. I share my life with my husband, who is an astrophysicist and A.I. engineer. Together, we eagerly anticipate welcoming a furry companion into our lives in the near future.

My academic journey has taken me across the globe: I pursued a major in Spanish translation during my college years in Argentina, followed by an MDiv in Korea, and later ventured to the United States to complete my Th.M. and PhD in theology.

Beyond my passion for academia, I have a deep love for exploring new places. In my free time, I like traveling and cherishing moments with my family, whether it is in Madison, Wisconsin or South Korea. I hold a strong belief in the value of continuous learning and trying new things. My curious nature leads me to explore diverse subjects for the sheer joy of discovery, even though I may occasionally switch interests rather quickly.


When I teach, I seek to bring everyone’s context into the classroom by inviting students to remain deeply rooted in their own context, with all its particularity and limits, when reflecting theologically. As a theologian with an international background, I am aware there can be a power imbalance in the classroom, with some contexts and perspectives carrying more weight than others. International students, as well as domestic students from under-represented communities, often see their views as valid only in specific areas, and can feel the need to shed their background in order to reach a so-called “objective view.” My approach to teaching holds to the value that everyone’s context is particular and limited. For this reason I encourage students to affirm their own context, be suspicious of seemingly neutral narratives, and pay attention to their inner reactions to the course materials.


  • Traveling 
  • Visiting museums  
  • Watching Dog & Cat videos on YouTube and Instagram 
  • Minimalism