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Prospective Student FAQ

If you have sensed the Spirit of God nudging you toward some type of ministry… if you are spiritually curious and love to learn… if you want to integrate your spirituality and your leadership for the good of the world… if you are passionate about justice, advocacy, and change… if you want to develop leadership skills for working in diverse organizations or communities… if you want to become a more excellent preacher, teacher, chaplain, or social activist… these interests and more make you a good candidate for theological education.

For admission to the masters (Master of Divinity, Master in Community Leadership, Master of Theological Studies) programs, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree.

For the Doctor of Ministry, applicants must hold either a Master of Divinity or equivalent degree for admission.

BST also offers certificate programs like the Training in Christian Leadership Certificate program for those who have not completed a bachelor’s degree.

Other certificate programs like the Public Theology Certificate and Leading Intercultural Ministries can be completed as standalone or within a degree program

  1. Complete the online application for your desired program.
  2. Send your official transcripts.
  3. Submit your Resume or CV.
  4. Write and submit a personal statement, no longer than 1000 words that answers these questions.
    • Briefly describe your spiritual journey, including your leadership experience and/or your capacities for leadership.
    • What are your educational and/or vocational goals? What do you hope to draw from or rely upon to reach those goals?
    • What in particular about BST influenced you to apply?
    • Select what you understand to be one of today’s most critical issues and reflect on it in terms of your own theological perspective.
  5. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation: 2 Academic or Professional and 1 Character reference from an ordained church official

*International Students must additionally submit:

  • I-20 Request Form & Certification of Finances
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Copies of Passport

Berkeley School of Theology is committed to providing financial assistance to qualified students who enroll in the seminary’s degree programs. The following is a partial list of financial assistance that may be available to you depending upon your financial need, scholarship requirements, and availability of scholarship funds.

Yes! BST will accept transfer credits for grades no less than B– from accredited theological schools. The number of credits transferable depends on each degree program. 

Send your transcript, and we will assess it. We look forward to working with you to help you complete a degree program and attain your professional goals.